Chubasco 2 Sportfishing Fish Counts provided by

 Chubasco II's
15 Most Recent Fish Counts

DateTrip TypeAnglersCatch
04-25-20153/4 Day 1740 California Yellowtail, 3 California Scorpionfish, 4 Barred Sand Bass, 2 Lingcod, 19 Pacific Bonito, 3 California Barracuda
04-24-20151/2 Day AM111 California Yellowtail, 4 California Scorpionfish, 39 Rockfish, 29 Kelp Bass, 50 Kelp Bass Released
04-22-20151/2 Day AM10100 Rockfish
04-20-20151/2 Day AM177 Vermilion Rockfish, 1 California Sheephead, 87 Rockfish, 28 Bocaccio
04-19-20151/2 Day AM34172 Rockfish, 21 Vermilion Rockfish
04-17-20151/2 Day AM231 Lingcod, 3 California Scorpionfish, 7 Vermilion Rockfish, 2 Ocean Whitefish, 41 Rockfish
04-14-20151/2 Day AM192 California Scorpionfish, 6 Vermilion Rockfish, 1 Lingcod, 42 Rockfish
04-13-20151/2 Day AM171 Vermilion Rockfish, 1 Rockfish, 22 Kelp Bass, 42 Kelp Bass Released
04-12-20151/2 Day AM329 California Scorpionfish, 2 Barred Sand Bass, 3 California Sheephead, 2 California Yellowtail, 84 Rockfish, 13 Vermilion Rockfish
04-11-20153/4 Day 1729 Vermilion Rockfish, 120 Rockfish
04-10-20151/2 Day AM1822 Rockfish, 6 Kelp Bass
04-09-20151/2 Day AM241 Barred Sand Bass, 53 Kelp Bass, 75 Kelp Bass Released
04-08-20151/2 Day AM1890 Kelp Bass, 1 California Yellowtail
04-07-20151/2 Day AM161 California Yellowtail, 2 Rockfish, 51 Kelp Bass, 85 Kelp Bass Released
04-06-20151/2 Day AM173 California Yellowtail, 85 Kelp Bass

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